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Burney Sisters
Halle Kearns
Consumed By Fire
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Singing of National Anthem - Saturday, 10:00a Main Stage

Schindler Family - Saturday 10:00a, Side Stage

Burney Sisters - Saturday 10:30a, Side Stage - Singing together since they could hold a tune, sisters Olivia and Emma Burney, ages 12 and 9 respectively, are starting to gain the ear of their community in Columbia, MO and beyond. Olivia’s first ukulele was bought at a garage sale for $1 in September of 2016 and she decided right away to pursue education to supplement the songs she loved to sing. Emma gained a musical foundation through violin lessons when she was 5. After 3 years of violin, she switched gears to pick up the guitar in early 2017 so that she could sing and accompany her sister, and the makings of a band was formed.  They consider themselves eclectic, leaning towards an indie folk/pop sound. Fans have compared them to the sounds of Lennon and Maisy, Joni Mitchell, and Grace Vander Waal. In the richly musical town of Columbia, MO, The Burney Sisters were poised to meet incredible mentors that have supported their endeavors from the start.  In 2016 they collaborated to assist on an album that released in the fall, and they are currently working on their own album of original songs to be released this year.  They intend to keep singing, learning music theory, and continuing to perform through local and distant gigs, house concerts, and the regionally popular “Thursday Snippets” on their Facebook Page, Burney Sisters Music.

Halle Kearns - Saturday 11:00a, Side Stage - "Halle is a singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Columbia, Missouri. At the age of six, Halle began putting on “shows” for her family and friends, singing along to her favorite female country stars. As the years went on, Halle’s love for singing and performing only grew. She taught herself how to play guitar by looking up different chords online, and played hymns for her Bible study. She played her first open mic when she was 15, and says she can’t recall a time when she’s felt more scared than when she stepped onto that little bar’s stage. Throughout high school, Halle led worship for her local YoungLife organization. After graduating, Halle moved to Kansas City, and immediately began pursuing a career in music by accepting internships through other performers, managing radio tours, and performing live frequently. With encouragement from friends, family, and fans, Halle continues to perform throughout the Midwest. Halle’s ultimate dream is to reach people through music in a way words, alone, cannot do. She wants to pass her story along through her lyrics, in hopes it will help someone else the way music helped her. Halle says, “If one day I can look into the audience and see a little girl singing all the words to my original songs, I have accomplished my wildest dreams.” Grateful for her start, Halle looks forward to her future in entertainment."

Sanctified Praise Team - Saturday 11:30a, Side Stage

Consumed By Fire - Saturday 1:00p, Main Stage area - Consumed by Fire, made up of Caleb, Josh and Jordan Ward are a musically inventive Southern pop/rock band that combines their church roots with an eclectic array of influences distilled into a sound that is uniquely their own. Growing up, when they weren’t leading worship at their parent’s church, the three brothers were singing songs from Creedence, Bob Seger or The Eagles with their large musical family. It wasn’t long before the brothers found calling and their own musical voice and shortly after, Consumed By Fire was born. On March 25, 2016 the band released their national debut, "Giving Over" to critical acclaim. The album features the radio hits "Lean On Me" and "He Waits For Me."

Stephen Neal - Saturday Night Country Dance, Following MRCA Rodeo (@10:00p) - Following the rules and waiting for something to happen has never been in country music up and coming artist, Stephen Neal. "I knew the path of going to Nashville and writing hundreds of songs and playing in song-writer bars and just hoping that someday someone hears you, would not be a reality for me," recalls Neal. "I knew my opportunity would lie ahead building my own fan base and connecting with new fans in each city that I’d go." Stephen has done just that. With just over a year since he decided to “go for it” and release his first EP, “I Just Drive” and then a second acoustic EP Stephen has amassed a fan base on his social media alone over 20,000 followers which continues to climb. Beyond his fresh new music, Stephen's rapidly growing fan base is much attributed to the way he connects with his fans both through social media and at his shows. He tries to meet with as many of his fans before and after his shows as he believes that it makes sense to give back to those who are giving to you. Stephen has gotten the chance to play along with fellow artists that were once in his shoes - he's had the opportunity to play with Chris Young, Joe Nichols, Granger Smith, Trace Adkins, Michael Ray and looks forward to what's to come. Stephen's currently working on releasing a new EP to go alongside his first EP released earlier this past year; "I have been working on some new songs which I would say is the most excited I've been about anything I've ever done in the music industry. I have high hopes for what the future holds!"

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